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  • New Build Home Snag Lists
  • Property Condition Reports
  • Pre-Purchase Surveys Snag Lists for New Build Homes
  • Domestic and Commercial Property Rates
  • Square Meterage Surveys
  • Moisture Content Readings of Building Components & Substrates
  • Air Quality Sampling
  • Air Extraction & Ventilation Flow Rate Measurements
  • Air Humidity Readings
  • Relative Humidity Readings and Moisture Content Percentages
  • Water Quality TDS & pH levels testing (Total Dissolvable Solids & potential Hydrogen/ Acidity)
  • Thermal Imaging Camera Surveys – Heat Loss Investigations
  • Mould & Dampness Surveys – Levels of Dampness in building materials
  • Drone Roof Surveys – Safer, faster and more cost effective
  • Water Leak Investigations – Pressure loss, Radiator Cold Spots etc Investigate, determine and report on cause
  • Noise Level Readings – Workplace dB testing
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